Introducing you to the next-generation Crypto Mining platform.

Quarter 1 - 2021

  1. Presale of HASH Token

  2. Voting Contract

  3. Physical property purchase for the farm

  4. Electrical wiring redesign

During Quarter 1, the team will start with the basics. For investors, it starts with the pre-sale of Hashcat Token in order to raise funds for the infrastructure. The first step for the team involves investing in property (a 50m² flat) where the rigs will be installed. The electrical wiring of the premises will be redesigned to cope for high electricity consumption and the installation of the first rigs, in addition to the connection to the outside world, the cooling of the hardware and to make sure we have a fully secure environment.

Quarter 2 - 2021

  1. Installation of the first rigs

  2. Farming Contract

  3. Growth of the farm

During Quarter 2, the team will list the hashing contract on PancakeSwap, a contract which will distribute the revenue generated by the mining hashrate into the fund, from which it will be distributed to all investors based on their staked tokens. Meanwhile, we will start the entire farm and start generating revenue. During this period, the team will concentrate on finetuning the hardware (BIOS flashes, undervolting, etc.) to maximise the hashrate and streamline a progressive growth of the farm with new equipment.

🔜 Quarter 3 - 2021

To be announced.

🔜 Quarter 4 - 2021

To be announced.