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What is farming and how does it work?

Farming is the process of growing your assets by staking them in the farming contract.
Starting to farm is simple!
First of all you must have the token HASH, then you can access https://hashcat.farm/ and click on "Start Mining", after this your Dashboard will appear and you will be able to see two boxes -- "Start Mining" and "Receive Rewards". To start farming you will have to click on "Start Mining" -- a popup from Metamask (or your wallet) will show up to confirm contract interactions, at this point you will see two boxes "Hash Pool" where you can stake your HASH alone and "Hash Liquidity Pool" where you can stake your Liquidity Tokens (which you can get from providing liquidity here).
How is revenue calculated and how much do I get?
When you stake HASH or HASH LP Tokens you will get shares through a period of time. The more you stake the more shares you generate every BSC Block (3s).
Type of Token Staked
Shares Generated
HASH (ex: 1000)
(stakedAmount / 10000) * bscBlock
0.1 (every 3s)
HASH LP (ex: 10)
(stakedAmount / 50) * bscBlock
0.2 (every 3s)
What do I do with shares?
With shares you get the eligibility in percentage of the total injected amount of HASH tokens from the farm re-buy.
Generated Shares
Global Total Shares
Eligibility in Percentage
Injected HASH Tokens
HASH Eligibility as Reward
Someone else
How do I claim my reward and what happens after?
To claim the reward you have to go to your Dashboard and click on "Receive Rewards", at this point you will see multiple buttons --
  • Force Refresh
  • Force Refresh LP
  • Claim Rewards
  • Claim Rewards LP
The Force Refresh buttons can be pressed 1 day before injection happens (usually Wednesday) in order to get the maximum amount of profits from your shares. For example if you staked only HASH you will have to press only the "Force Refresh" button but if you staked both (HASH and HASH LP) you will have to press both buttons.
The Claim Rewards buttons will give you the reward from the calculated eligibility of your shares. Be careful if the amount of available rewards is very small DO NOT CLAIM THEM AS YOUR SHARES WILL RESET TO ZERO. Every time you withdraw your rewards your shares will reset to zero. Your shares will not reset to zero if you do not claim rewards. You can keep shares even after one or more injections.
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